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Camp Lela 2017


ARE YOU READY FOR CAMP?!?! The time is NOW! The camp forms are revised and online registration is activated!!!!

By clicking on the week your church would like to attend, you will not only be able to register your campers and sponsors, but also be able to print off a complete set of camp forms.

Please note: There are 3 registration deadlines just like in 2016. The hope is more kids will be able to come to camp. With this change comes no late registration. There will be no exceptions.

Please make sure only ONE CHECK is sent in with the applications or Church Registration Sheet.
Camper Fee Checks should be made out to the church the camper is registered with and turned in with their application. It will then be up to the church to write out one check for all camper registration fees.

Please note: If you would like to have your week of camp forms mailed to you via USPS, let us know by calling the office or emailing Alanna.

Click on a button below to download the forms or register online


Video Links to Camp Lela Videos

2 Phase Building Improvement Project


Select the video link above to see pictures of the existing living quarters for our Camp Directors and Nurses, plus drawings of the planned new building which will include an office-reception area, isolation area for children who are ill, and rooms that will provide living quarters during camp as well as lodging for small groups who use Camp Lela during the rest of the year.  The video also contains pictures of the structural damage to the existing tabernacle to be replaced in a 2 Phase Building Improvement Project at Camp Lela.  This two-year project will be funded partially by our existing Camp Lela Building Fund and partially by designated donations to the project.  The total project cost is estimated as $100,000 and will require new gifts totaling $63,000 that will be added to the current Camp Lela Building Fund balance of $37,000.  The majority of the gifts in the Camp Lela Building Fund were given in memory of Dr. Tom Owens, who served Cimarron Baptist Association as Director of Missions for many years.  Gifts for this 2 Phase Building Improvement Project may still be given in memory of Dr. Tom Owens.  Gifts many be given directly to the Cimarron Baptist Association, 1244 E. Main, Cushing, OK 74023, or through your  local church with a designation for Camp Lela Building Fund, Cimarron Baptist Association.


Our Association owns and operates two properties.  One is our Associational Office Building in Cushing.  The other is Camp Lela west of Pawnee.

Our office building houses the daily operations of the Association.  Our staff works here and are available for assisting churches in many ways.  From answering questions, providing study resources, assisting with printing, maintaining records, handling the finances, providing space for monthly Board Meetings and other smaller group or committee meetings, to communicating to the members of our churches through the Baptist Messenger Newsletter page and direct mailings, the Associational Office is a daily place of ministry.

With 40 acres developed in a total area of 120 acres, Camp Lela has been rightly called the greatest resource of the Cimarron Baptist Association.  This Christian assembly ground is operated year-round with numerous retreats and weekend events during the “off season” plus hundreds of campers, sponsors, cooks, and program leaders here in the busy summer season!

Cimarron Baptist Association holds three weeks of Children’s Camp each summer at Camp Lela.  In addition, several of our member churches hold their own weeks of camp following the three weeks operated by Cimarron Association.

The remaining weeks of summer are filled with churches outside of Cimarron Association and other associations using the facilities at Camp Lela.  In 2009 we celebrated our 50th summer of providing a Christian camping experience for children at Camp Lela.

Over the years, out of every ten campers registered at Camp Lela, one child will make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ before the week is over.  This is a sacred trust which Cimarron Baptist Association fully recognizes.

For information on using Camp Lela, go to the section Camp Lela Policy and Agreement.


A complete statement of policies will be mailed upon request.  A few of the policies about which questions are frequently asked are given here.

Insurance   Any group using the camp will provide their own insurance for their group.

Dress  All persons shall be dressed modestly.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs   No use of alcohol, tobacco, or non-prescribed drugs will be permitted on camp grounds, buildings, or restrooms at any time.

Fishing / Hunting   Groups may fish in the ponds with their own supervision.  The property is posted and no unauthorized person is allowed to fish or hunt on the camp property.

Food   All groups will provide their own food and cooks.  No food or drink is allowed in dorm space.

Bedding   Each camper must bring his or her own bed linen, pillow, sleeping bag if desired, towels, soap, and other personal care items.


All reservations shall be made by calling the Cimarron Baptist Association Office (918-225-2300).  The Associational Administrative Assistant will make all reservations. When contacted, the Administrative Assistant will send a copy of the Rental Agreement and Policy Statement.  The reservation will be marked on the Camp Lela Reservation Calendar with a question mark.   If the signed agreement and deposit is received within seven (7) days, the reservation will be marked as confirmed.  If the signed agreement and deposit is not received in seven (7) days, the reservation will be canceled and the dates released for other possible groups to use.


NOTE:  Below are the new rates for Camp Lela effective January 1, 2015.

Non-Cimarron Baptist Association Groups

The cost for non-Cimarron Baptist Association churches and groups is $5 per person per day with a 100 person per day minimum ($2,000 per week or $500 per day minimum).

A $100 deposit is required for cleaning at the time of application.   The deposit for confirmed reservations will only be returned if cancellation is made prior to thirty (30) days before the beginning date of the reservation.  At the end of the week, if the camp is cleaned properly, the $100 deposit will be either returned or applied to the cost of using the camp grounds.  If the camp is not cleaned properly or if there has been damage or loss, the deposit will be applied toward to cost of the damage or loss.

Churches of Cimarron Baptist Association

The cost for churches of Cimarron Baptist Association is $100 per day for up to 20 campers.  For more than 20 campers, the rate is $100 plus $2.00 per day per additional camper.

A $100 deposit is required for churches of Cimarron Baptist Association with the same guidelines as given for the return of the deposit by non-Cimarron Baptist Association churches and groups.

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