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Cimarron Baptists for Africa: JESUS Film Project

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Reaching the Rawam* with JESUS

The Cimarron Baptist Association, a group of 56 Oklahoma Southern Baptist Churches, is reaching the Rawam* with JESUS.   Picture a group of people nearly the size of Tulsa, Oklahoma, without the Word of God in their own heart language.  The total number of known believers wouldn’t fill most small town Baptist churches.  Next, imagine what could happen if the story of JESUS could be shown to these people with a film in their own language.  That, and more, could be realized with the fulfillment of the vision the Cimarron Baptist Association has to reach an unreached African people group with the Gospel ‘tool of choice’ – the JESUS film. 

We invite you to partner with us in this great work.

The JESUS film — the most-viewed film in history — has been translated into more than 1150 languages and has been viewed BILLIONS of times.  And yet, there are still hundreds of languages representing millions of people who have not heard the Gospel.

Cimarron Association decided to do something about that.

We are seeking to fund and to utilize a new JESUS film translation in the Rawam* language to reach this people group for Christ.

The JESUS film is an important tool:  It’s visual.  It’s oral.  It’s the Word of God.  And it’s in their heart language.

Read on to learn more about this important work and how you can help.

*[Rawam:  Name changed for security reasons.]


http://jesusfilm.org                                         JESUS Film website





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